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Merry Angels International Residential School
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The Philosophy of the school is based on self – mastery i.e. to give child time & space to develop & to excel, retaining their originality and yet give expression, to their aspiration. The goal of the school is to be the guiding force & walk alongside the child on his/her journey; more importantly help them to become good human beings & responsible citizens of India.

We emphasize " Learner Centric Educational" which encourages embracing multiple intelligence's & diverse clearing styles.

Most of the schools feel that their responsibility ends when a child learns his books well. we at Merry Angels School believe that our responsibility goes beyond that For us. education is a holistic experience that inspires mental, physical and emotional developments.


A creative teacher match his / her teaching style with the learning stylus of the student.
If the child doesn't learn or fail to understand the subject, it's the mistake of the teacher and his/ her inability to come down to the level of the child.

Examination & Syllabus :

The following exams will be conducted during the Academic year

A. First unit test - Mid of July
B. 1st Terminal Exam October
C. Second Unit Test - January Or February
D. Final Exam - March

The School will follow the curriculum laid down by SSC Board ? ICSE Board / CBSE Board.


  • Junior College of Science / Commerce faculty.
  • Medical Collage of Ayurveda with a Hospital and research center attached.
  • Children film Academy to be shortly opened with help of Popular Film Stars.
  • ITI & Other allied foundational job oriented courses not only for the school children but also outsiders can available the benefit of these facilities.
  • Branches of school all over Maharashtra.


  • Morning 6 am to 7.30 am - brushing teeth, getting fresh & ready for 1.5 km jogging & walk.
  • 7.30am to 8am - Warming up exercise, Aerobics & Yoga.
  • 8am to 9am - Bathing the children
  • 9am to 10am - Breakfast.
  • 10am to 11am - Morning Studies
  • 11am to 1 noon - School Hours.
  • 1 Noon to 2 Noon - Lunch.
  • 2pm to 4.30ps - School Hours.
  • 4.30pm to 5pm - Evening Snacks & Milk.
  • 5pm to 6pm - Outdoor Activities.
  • 6.15pm to 7pm - Meditating & Prayers
  • 7pm to 8.30 - Evening study.
  • 8.30pm to 9.30pm - Dinner
  • 9.30p, to 10pm - Recreation, TV / Visual Entertainment.
  • 10.15pm - Lights off.


  • Every student has to be obedient & disciplined within the school premises.
  • Stem action against students misbehaving or not obeying the rules will be taken.
  • The Boarders have also to follow the same rules.
  • No parents are allowed to meet the Principal unless prior appointment to be taken for that.
  • No parents of any Boarders are allowed to take their child out of the school premises unless prior permission is taken from the Principal.
  • The due fees have to paid in time as and when prescribed by the school office.
  • late payment of fees may affect your child in appearing for exams.

    “Merry Angels International Residential School” Download students general information for what bring from home & or what is require for boarding & school. Download Application Form & Broucer for school information, we have right to change any thing without prior infomation.

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